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$ 62886.89 raised
Latest donations:
  • 2016/10/02 8:14 PM Jean Singleton - In honor of Betty Sargent and Gary McGarvin donated $ 40.00
  • 2016/09/22 12:00 AM Stacey and Dave Askelson to honor our friends Gary and Betty McGarvin donated $ 100.00
  • 2016/09/19 12:00 AM Carrie Bartlett In honor of Betty Sargent and Gary McGarvin donated $ 40.00
  • 2016/09/17 12:00 AM The Snowden's on the behalf of Gary and Betty McGarvin in their marriage. donated $ 100.00
  • 2016/09/16 12:00 AM Holly Stalter donated $ 100.00

K-9 Storm

Officer William Heeland

Vernon Hills

EOW 2/10/11


K-9 Joker

Officer Josh Strand


EOW 2/13/11


K-9 Alan

Officer George Hickey


EOW 3/28/11


K-9 Bullet

Officer Vincent Utter

Vernon Hills

EOW 3/11



K-9 Lars

Sergeant Tom Shaw

St. Charles

EOW 5/11


K-9 Casey

Chief Ron Lyons

Crystal Lake Park Dist.

EOW 5/4/11


K-9 Granger

Deputy Heather Aldridge

Lake County

EOW 6/21/11


K-9 Knight

Deputy Gerald Bodden

McHenry County

EOW 8/23/11


K-9 Mike

Officer Ciro Cetrangolo


EOW 9/12/11


K-9 Dekx

Officer Tom Kozielski


EOW 9/15/11


K-9 Rolf

Officer Richard Stutte


EOW 9/29/11



K-9 Sam

Officer Scott McClintock

Forest Park

EOW 11/15/11


K-9 Udo

Officer Robert Chrusciel


EOW 11/22/11

K-9 Rex

Officer John Seiler


EOW 11/29/11